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Installing and using an ALC

Before you begin fishing in a VMS managed fishery, an automatic location communicator (ALC) must be purchased, configured and installed in accordance with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s Vessel Monitoring System Approved Directions. 

Buying and installing an ALC

Buying, installing and commissioning an ALC can take up to a month to finalise so please begin this process well before you intend to commence fishing operations. If you are NOT the Fishing Boat Licence Holder, you must seek their assistance to complete the paperwork. 

A link to the VM installation procedure can be found here.

  1. Please contact the VM Section on (08) 6163 0903 to receive the most up to date information relating to approved ALCs and distributors.
  2. Select your ALC model. You must choose your model from those approved for use, which can be found in the VMS Appr​oved Directions​  for installation and use of ALCs.
  3. Locate an ALC installer. This must be an “approved person” as defined in the VMS Approved Directions.
  4. Complete the ALC Contact Details Form and the ALC Monitoring Agreement provided to you by the VM Section, with the help of your distributor or installer. 
  5. After installation of your ALC, the installer will complete an ALC Installation Certificate​. You must sign the form and send it to us with the forms above.
  6. Once we have received all required paperwork and monitored the ALC for a set period (please allow up to 4 hours) to ensure it is operational, it will be commissioned. A confirmation message will be sent to your vessel via the ALC. Keep a copy of this commissioning notification for your records.

For more information on the legal requirements for buying, installing and commissioning an ALC see the VMS approved directions​.

Using an ALC

Once your ALC has been installed and you are linked to the vessel monitoring system, there are other forms you may require. 

  • E1 Application for release of information form. For use by licence holders at any stage to check how much entitlement they have consumed for a fishing period.
  • ALC power-down approval form. To be completed when seeking power-down approval (for example, during vessel maintenance).

Contact us

For support from our VMS officers during office hours, call our Operations Centre on (08) 6163 0903 or email

Outside office hours, call our 24-hour VMS messaging service on (08) 6163 0925 if there is a problem with your messaging software or hardware and are required to submit a nomination for your fishing activity. Please ensure you leave ALL relevant details of your nominations.

Note: This 24-hour number is not a replacement to the normal use of the messaging equipment. The master or owner of the vessel fitted with the ALC must rectify any problem with the computer at the vessels first return to port. You should also contact a VM Officer as soon as possible to ensure the ALC is operating effectively. 


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