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Online Services

​Submit trip returns

One of the key functions of Fish Eye Online Services is to offer fishers, receivers and processors an option to submit data related to trip returns over the internet. This includes pre-fishing, pre-landing and post-landing nominations, receiver consignment records, and all the other information submitted for catch and effort monitoring as part of a fisher’s trip return. 

This function speeds up the data collection process and enables us to provide fishers with a view of their entitlement remaining more quickly, based on the information submitted.

If you are a Master you can choose to use Fish Eye Online Services to submit Trip Returns instead of the existing paper Catch and Disposal Record (CDR) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Masters can also choose to use CatchER to submit Trip Returns.

However, only one method can be used to complete each trip. If you submit your pre-fishing nomination using Fish Eye Online Services, you will need to submit your pre-landing and post-landing nominations using Fish Eye Online Services also. This is also the case if you start your trip return using CatchER or CDR/IVR.

Registered users will also be able to view their history for all transactions they have submitted. This includes any submissions made using CatchER or via the CDR/IVR systems. 

If you are nominated into the roles ‘MFL Holder’, ‘MFL Online Operator’, ‘Receiver Certificate/Processor Licence Holder’ or ‘Receiver/Processor Online Operator’, you will be able to view all transaction history related to the nominating business licence.

Manage Master nominations

As an authorised online operator for an MFL, you can nominate your Masters using Fish Eye Online Services. You can change your Master nominations any time except when a Master is mid-trip.

If your Masters are registered users of Fish Eye, they will be able to use CatchER or Fish Eye Online Services to submit their trip returns provided you have nominated them into the online user role ‘Master’.

Should you lose connectivity while using online services, Masters must revert back to the paper process by making nominations using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and submitting a paper CDR.

View fishery catch information

Some nominated users will be able to view comprehensive aggregated industry reports on consumption and entitlement balance for the whole fishery by zone. This will help you make informed decisions on when to fish.

The reporting tool is available to registered users of Fish Eye Online Services nominated into the following user roles:

  • Managed Fishery Licence Holder (MFL)
  • MFL Online Operator

View my entitlement and trip history

Fish Eye Online Services will give you an up-to-date view of your entitlement remaining based on the data you have submitted, providing all trip returns and transfers of entitlement have been accounted for and there are no unresolved errors, including Not Fit for Purpose errors relating to submitted trip returns. Any errors in the submitted trip returns will need to be corrected before they are included in the entitlement remaining calculations.

Renew commercial fisheries licences online

Commercial fishing licences (CFLs) can be renewed using the Department’s secure payment gateway.

MFL Online Operators and Masters can renew their CFL once logged into Fish Eye Online Services

Fishers not registered for Fish Eye can renew their CFL online here.

For more information about renewing your CFL online, refer to the user guide.  

Temporary Transfer of Entitlement Online

Temporary Transfer of Entitlement applications can be submitted online via Fish Eye Online Services.

Online applications are an alternative to the current manual process, which still exists. Application fees can also be paid online using the Department’s secure payment gateway. Online applications are not approved online, but approval timeframes can be faster than the current manual application process if the application is completed and submitted correctly.

Applying for Temporary Transfer of Entitlement has been made easier where the Security Interest Holder has given enduring consent for the Transfer of Temporary Entitlement. Enduring consent is agreement given by the Security Interest Holder’s to permit all transfers of temporary entitlement for the period of the licence. Where enduring consent is provided by the Security Interest Holder and submitted with the application, consent forms are not required to be submitted with subsequent applications.

The online Temporary Transfer of Entitlement is currently only available for the West Coast Rock Lobster Fishery and applications can only be made by the MFL Online Operator once logged into Fish Eye.

For more information about how to perform an online Temporary transfer of Entitlement, refer to the user guide.

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