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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries

Becoming a Fisheries and Marine Officer

Fisheries and Marine Officers (FMOs) work in the field to ensure fishers comply with the various rules and regulations that govern both commercial and recreational fishing in WA. Our officers do this through education and communication programs - on the beach, the water and in the community. They also have a law enforcement function, ensuring that people who abuse fish bag or size limits, or fish in areas where it is not permitted, are caught, prosecuted and fined appropriately.

FMOs need to have a broad range of skills and abilities. To gain the required combination of skills a range of short courses will need to be completed which are undertaken as part of their 14 week training program.  Officers are also encouraged to complete additional vocational training in relation to fisheries compliance and pursue further marine qualifications once employed to enable them to gain higher level positions within the agency.  It is also desirable to have post-secondary or tertiary qualifications in the fields of natural resource management.

You don’t need to have a love of fishing to become a FMO, however you do need to have an affinity for the marine environment, be fit and embrace an outdoor lifestyle.

We receive many enquiries from people interested in becoming a FMO. To help you decide if this job would be right for you, we strongly recommend:

Please note, the questionnaire is not part of a formal selection process; your responses are anonymous and will not be retained.

Vacant FMO positions are advertised approximately once every 2 years. They will appear on the recruitment website. Please note, we do not accept speculative applications.

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