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​You need to register for Fish Eye Online Services before you can use any of the secure commercial services, including CatchER.

An identity check will be conducted as part of the registration process.

To register, you need to complete the registration form and take it to your local Department of Fisheries office along with the required identification documents listed in the form.

You must have a personal email address to register, as your unique user identity and password for Fish Eye Online Services will be sent to you by email. Common use email addresses that give access to more than one person will not be accepted.

As an added security measure, registered users will have only limited access to the secure services on Fish Eye. To access confidential information linked to a business licence (ie Managed Fishery Licence, Registered Receiver Certificate or Processor Licence), or to transact on their behalf, registered users will need to be nominated into specific online user roles by the relevant business licence/certificate holder(s).

Fish Eye Online Services Terms and Conditions

Who can register for Fish Eye Online Services?

Only the following individuals can apply to become registered users:

  • Commercial Fishing Licence Holders (CFL)
  • Managed Fisheries Licence Holders (MFL)
  • Registered Receiver Certificate Holders (RRC)
  • Processor Licence Holders (PROL)
  • Authorised staff working for a business holding MFLs and PROLs

Note: Registration is only available to individuals and not to businesses. Businesses that wish to transact using Fish Eye Online Services will have to register staff members individually.

What services can I access as a registered user?

To access services that enable you to transact on behalf of a business licence holder, registered users will need to be nominated into an online user role by the relevant MFL, RRC or PROL.

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