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Mobile application - CatchER

Short for Catch Electronic Returns, CatchER has been developed for Masters to submit their Trip Returns (i.e. pre-fishing, pre-landing and post-landing nomination forms) from their iPhone or iPad. It is designed solely for Trip Return submissions.

Although CatchER allows you to complete forms ‘offline’ without connection to the internet, you must be able to submit your nomination ‘online’ as required by the Management Plan. If you do not have connection to the internet when you are required to submit a nomination, then you must revert to using the full paper CDR/IVR process. It is important to note that you must receive a receipt for each nomination made on CatchER for a nomination to be valid.

CatchER will be trialled with the West Coast Rock Lobster Managed Fishery.

Pre-set and pre-fill functions

CatchER allows you to pre-set recurring trip details like your licence numbers, crew lists, and preferred registered receivers. The system also pre-fills parts of the nomination forms based on your previous trip. This will speed up the process of completing your Trip Return. However, it is essential to check all pre-set and pre–filled fields before submitting the form to ensure the information is correct.


There are two levels of security built into CatchER.  The first requires you to log in to your Fish Eye Online Services account using your device by entering your user ID and password in CatchER.  This ensures that only registered users who are nominated as master by a Managed Fishery Licence Holder (MFL) will be able to use CatchER. 

The second level of security requires you to create a personal identification number (PIN) on CatchER. This PIN must be entered every time you submit a trip return or if you wish to change your user details or settings. It ensures that only you can authorise and submit a trip return.

Where can I download CatchER?

Once launched, the application will be available to download onto an iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store.

Who can use CatchER?

If you are a Master and you are registered with Fish Eye Online Services and nominated into the user role of Master, you can use CatchER.   If you are an MFL and a master, but you are only nominated into the user role of MFL User, you will need to nominate yourself into the user role of Master as well in order to use CatchER.

All MFLs and their operators who want to enable a Master to use CatchER, should find out more about our registration and nomination processes, and the Fish Eye online user roles.

To see how easy it is to use CatchER click here to watch one of the short videos.

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