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Recreational fishing licence changes - frequently asked questions

Why the move to DoTDirect?

The DoTDirect system will give customers an improved, user-friendly online service with new features making buying or renewing your licence simple. It will also allow you to manage your driver’s licence, vehicle registrations and fishing licences all in one place if you are a registered DoTDirect customer.

Is the cost of licences changing?

No. Recreational fishing licences will cost the same, and the 10 per cent discount for people purchasing multiple licences in a single transaction will still apply.

Will I still be able to renew my licence using a hard copy form?

Yes. An application form can still be downloaded from the website and submitted by post or in person.

Alternatively, you can collect a form from one of our offices, and make payment over the counter. You cannot submit a hard copy form at Department of Transport offices.

Do I need to be a registered DoTDirect customer to use the new system?

No, you don’t, but there are added benefits if you are a registered DoTDirect customer.

For instance, you can:

  • buy, renew and check the status of your car, boat, trailer and fishing licences in one spot
  • update your details, such as your address, for all the above licences in one hit.

Can I buy my licence or change my licence details at a DoT office?

No – not for the foreseeable future. Although, in those DoT offices where there are online portals, you can access the DoTDirect system to buy your licence. 

Will I be able to use BPay to pay for my licence?


Will I be able to renew my licence or will I need to apply for a new one?

The first licence application you make in the new system will effectively be a new one, so you will need to provide your details again. However, if you set up your own DoTDirect account, renewing your licence the following year will be quick and easy.

Will customers still receive a plastic card in the post?

For the time being, yes, although we are looking into a cardless option in the future.

What do I need to provide to register a DoTDirect account?

To register for your DoTDirect online account you will need:

  • Your current WA driver's licence details
  • Your email address
  • One of the following:
    • Your vehicle details (your plate number and Vehicle Identification Number or engine number – these details can be found on your vehicle licence document) or
    • A DoTDirect registration code – a DoTDirect registration code is a 16 character code that helps us confirm your identity. During the registration process you can request a code to be posted to you which may take up to five days to be received.

As a DoTDirect account holder, can I link licences created through other methods (e.g. over the counter transactions)?

Yes, any licences created after 12 January 2019 (with an expiry date after 13 January 2020), through any method besides DoTDirect, can be linked to your account.

To link an account, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Marine tab
  2. Click the Licences tab
  3.  Click the ‘Find a fishing licence’ dropdown bar and enter your current recreational fishing licence number and the licence expiry date.

If you are a DoTDirect account holder and you complete your licence application while you are logged in to your account, your recreational fishing licence will automatically link to your DoTDirect account.

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