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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries

Marine shellfish production and research

Established in 2019, the Marine Shellfish team is the newest government initiative in aquaculture R&D in WA, to support a fast-emerging shellfish aquaculture sector in this State. The team undertakes a range of industry-based projects designed to demonstrate and improve on the technical feasibility and profitability of shellfish farming in WA.

The Marine Shellfish section also provides ongoing scientific support to the Aquaculture Management Directorate, the Albany Shellfish Hatchery and WASQAP.

Shellfish Aquaculture, Hillarys

DPIRD’s Hillarys Shellfish Hatchery has been developed to undertake research in shellfish seed production and to supply small commercial quantities of new species to support farming trials and new start-up initiatives.

One such initiative is the tropical rock oyster project supported by the CRC for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA). In collaboration with an industry partner, the project aims to refine hatchery technology and supply pilot scale seed stocks to trial sites in the Pilbara and Kimberley regions. Growout farming trials carried out by the industry partner and supported by leading gear suppliers are designed to demonstrate the commercial viability of tropical rock oyster farming by testing a range of growing techniques and technology.

Albany Shellfish Hatchery

The Albany Shellfish Hatchery (ASH) is supporting the emerging oyster industry in WA through the provision of juvenile shellfish (spat) of oysters and mussels for industry trials and expansion. The State has contracted a hatchery operator to run the ASH, with DPIRD oversight of the operation through an Advisory Committee.

FLoating UPwelling SYstem

One of Australia’s first large scale FLoating UPwelling SYstems, or FLUPSY, has been trialled in Albany and the final report​ is now available. 

A FLUPSY is a floating, sea-based nursery for shellfish seed which allows for high stocking densities. The seed grows inside mesh pots, feeding on food particles and phytoplankton pumped through with sea water, offering a sustainable and efficient nursery environment.

The trial was a collaboration between DPIRD aquaculture research and development staff and Harvest Road Oceans. DPIRD staff provided input and expertise, testing the technology in an operational setting. 

Current Shellfish Research Projects

CRCNA Project A.2.1819053 WA Tropical rock oyster research and development project

Commercial Contract: Doughboy scallop broodstock conditioning


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