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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries

Biodiversity and biosecurity

Our research scientists working on biodiversity and biosecurity have Statewide responsibility for providing scientific advice on the conservation of fish and invertebrates and the protection of Western Australia’s aquatic environment.

This includes the following issues:

  • Health of benthic (sea bottom) habitats including fauna (such as coral) and flora (seagrass for example).
  • Biosecurity risks and challenges.
  • Provision of fish pathology services.
  • Freshwater research such as in native fish conservation.
  • Production of trout and native fish species at the South West Freshwater and Aquaculture Centre in Pemberton and the Aquaculture and Native Fish Breeding Laboratory at The University of Western Australia’s Shenton Park research facility.
  • Management of our marine aquarium facilities.

Biodiversity is defined as the variety of all living things in the world - the different plants, animals and micro-organisms, the genetic information they contain, and the ecosystems they form. 

Biosecurity is based on a set of measures to reduce the risk of transmission of disease, the escape of quarantined animals or material and invasive species coming to Western Australia from other parts of the world. If any of these events occur, the biosecurity focus is on the containment and removal of the animals or material. This requires the cooperation of scientists, policy makers and compliance officers.

Our biodiversity and biosecurity researchers working closely with our management staff, the Department of Environment and Conservation, universities, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, natural resource management groups, and port and harbour authorities.

Details of major biodiversity and biosecurity research projects are included in our Annual Report (in the agency performance section dealing with research and monitoring). The results of many projects are also covered in the scientific reports we publish.

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