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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries

Environmental impact assessment and advice

Potential environmental impacts resulting from a development proposal need to be identified early in the planning process so that they can be avoided and/or managed carefully.

Projects likely to have a significant impact on fish or fish habitat in Western Australian State waters must be assessed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). In Commonwealth waters (between three and 200 nautical miles off the WA coast), this assessment is undertaken by the Commonwealth Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Populations and the Community (SEWPaC).

The Department of Fisheries WA provides advice to the EPA, SEWPaC and directly to proponents regarding the potential environmental impacts of proposals on WA's freshwater or marine aquatic environments.

Guidance statements

To help speed up the assessment of proposals from the oil and gas industry, we provide a range of guidance statements. Proponents are asked to carefully read the appropriate guidance statements before submitting a formal request for advice.

All proponents should read the general Guidance statement for oil and gas industry consultation with the Department of Fisheries. This document describes the processes you need to follow and the information you need to supply to us to ensure appropriate and timely consultation.

We also provide guidance statements outlining potential impacts of specific development and exploration activities on fish and fish habitat. These guidance statements include methods to mitigate and/or minimise potential impacts from specific activities.

Currently, we provide a Guidance statement on undertaking seismic surveys in Western Australian waters and we will soon provide guidance statements for drilling activities, dredging programs, and oil spill impacts and monitoring.

Electronic submission form

We have also developed an Environment impact assessment form for proponents to request advice from the Department before undertaking seismic surveys and drilling activities. Filling in this online form is the most efficient way to submit requests for advice for these activities. As a proponent, you should fill the form in and submit it for assessment, only once you have read the appropriate guidance statements.

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