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The Lobster Newsletter


Nick Caputi

Western Australian Fisheries and Marine Research Laboratories
PO Box 20
North Beach WA 6920 AUSTRALIA
Tel: +61 8 9203 0165
Fax: +61 8 9203 0199

Richard A. Wahle

Research Professor
School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine
Darling Marine Center
Walpole, Maine 04573 USA
Tel : 207 563 8297
Fax: 207 563 3119


The Lobster Newsletter is hosted by the Department of Fisheries, Western Australia as a service to on-line users. Any views expressed within are those of the publication and not those of the Department of Fisheries.


What is The Lobster Newsletter?

The Lobster Newsletter is published once or twice yearly as an electronic publication on this website. Notice of the publication of a new issue is advertised via an email alert to subscribers. Subscription is free.

The Lobster Newsletter, which began with the Spring 1988 issue, was conceived as a means to foster communication among scientists, managers, fishers, and other parties interested in the biology, ecology, management, and aquaculture of lobsters, be they spiny lobster (Palinuridae), clawed lobster (Nephropidae), or slipper lobster (Scyllaridae). The newsletter contains a variety of articles pertaining to lobsters, including: research news and updates, announcements, book reviews, editorials, letters to the editor, news releases, and amusements, among others.The creators and first editors of The Lobster Newsletter were Dr. J. Stanley Cobb (University of Rhode Island, United States) and Dr. John Pringle (Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada). Dr. John Booth (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand) joined the editorial board in 1993. In 1997, Drs. Cobb and Pringle stepped down as editors and were replaced by Dr. Mark Butler (Old Dominion University, United States) and Dr. Peter Lawton (Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada). Dr. Roy Melville-Smith (Department of Fisheries, Western Australia) replaced Dr. Lawton in 2007 and Dr. Rick Wahle (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences) has replaced Dr. Butler (2008). In 2011 Dr. Melville-Smith handed the editorial baton to Dr Nick Caputi (Department of Fisheries, Western Australia).

In 2000, The Lobster Newsletter became an electronic newsletter and a paper newsletter was no longer published. The Lobster Newsletter has been hosted on the Old Dominion University website since it was put on-line, but from 2009 the hosting website will move to the Department of Fisheries, Western Australia. The hosting of The Lobster Newsletter by first the University and now the Department of Fisheries, is as a service to communicate lobster research, news and events, to interested on-line users. Any views expressed in The Lobster Newsletter are those of the publication and not those of the organisation hosting the website.

Subscribing to The Lobster Newsletter

Subscription is free. Contact if you would like to be added to our mailing list. We do not distribute this mailing list to anyone; its use is solely for the distribution of The Lobster Newsletter to subscribers.

Submitting Articles to The Lobster Newsletter

What to Submit:

Articles on nearly any facet of lobster biology, fisheries management, or aquaculture are welcomed. Book reviews, announcements, and general requests for scientific information or collaborations are also appropriate. Articles should be no more than 1000 words; longer articles require approval from the editor. Black and white or color graphics or photos are welcome.

How to Submit:

Submit your article via an email attachment (or mail on a CD) to one of the editors listed below. Articles should be formatted for PCs and in MS Word. Graphics may be separate or imbedded in the article.

Where to Submit:

Articles can be submitted via email to the following editors. If you have a question, contact us!

Nick Caputi:

Rick Wahle :

Editing of Articles:

Material submitted for publication in The Lobster Newsletter will only be edited for proper newsletter formatting and to improve its readability, if necessary. Published articles are not peer-reviewed.

When will the article appear?

The Lobster Newsletter is published once or twice a year, depending on the amount of material that we receive. Therefore, approved submissions will usually appear within six months of submission, often sooner.

Issue Index

You can click on the volume name to access a pdf file of that volume.

Volume 36, Number two​: December 2023

Volume 36, Number one​: March 2023

Volume 35, Number one​: June 2022

Volume 34, Number one​: August 2021

Volume 33, Number two: December 2020

Volume 33, Number one: March 2020

Volume 32, Number one: July 2019

Volume 31, Number one: November 2018

Volume 30, Number two: December 2017

Volume 30, Number one: January 2017

Volume 29, Number one: April 2016

Volume 28, Number two: September 2015

Volume 28, Number one: January 2015

Volume 27, Number one: February 2014

Volume 26, Number one: June 2013

Volume 25, Number one: April 2012

Volume 24, Number two: October 2011

Volume 24, Number one: April 2011

Volume 23, Number one: April 2010

Volume 22, Number two: September 2009

Volume 22, Number one: April 2009

Volume 21, Number two: July 2008

Volume 21, Number one: January 2008

Volume 20, Number one: July 2007

Volume 19, Number one: July 2006

Volume 18, Number two: December 2005

Volume 18, Number one: February 2005

Volume 17, Number one: July 2004

Volume 16, Number one: March 2003

Volume 15, Number one: June 2002

Volume 14, Number one: July 2001

Volume 13, Number two: December 2000

Volume 13, Number one: May 2000

Volume 12, Number one: June 1999 

Volume 11, Number one: July 1998

Volume 10, Number one: October 1997

Volume 9, Number one: July 1996

Volume 8, Number two: December 1995

Volume 8, Number one: July 1995

Volume 7, Number two: December 1994

Volume 7, Number one: July 1994

Volume 6, Number one: July 1993

Volume 5, Number two: December 1992

Volume 5, Number one: January 1992

Volume 4, Number two: July 1991

Volume 4, Number one: January 1991

Volume 3, Number two: July 1990

Volume 3, Number one: January 1990

Volume 2, Number two: July 1989

Volume 2, Number one: January 1989

Volume 1, Number one: Spring 1988

Contact Us

Nick Caputi

Western Australian Fisheries and Marine Research Laboratories
PO Box 20
North Beach WA 6920 AUSTRALIA
Tel: +61 8 9203 0165
Fax: +61 8 9203 0199

Richard A. Wahle

Research Professor
School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine
Darling Marine Center
Walpole, Maine 04573 USA
Tel : 207 563 8297
Fax: 207 563 3119



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