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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries

Requesting data

​One of the most important areas of our research is the assessment of the status of most of Western Australia’s fish stocks. This information is then used to monitor the success of our management arrangements.

A vital part of this assessment and monitoring work is the collection of data during routine monitoring of commercial fisheries, recreational fisheries and fishing charter tour operations.

The Status Reports of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources of Western Australia provides an annual update on the state of WA’s fish stocks and other aquatic resources managed by us. It also contains substantial catch and effort data relating to the State’s fisheries.

From time to time there may be a need for our staff and those outside the Department with an interest in the State’s fishing industry to access catch information and fishing entitlement data. However, fisheries legislation in WA places a broad confidentiality requirement upon us. All data involving catch information and fishing entitlement use that could reveal the identity of a fisher is confidential and can only be released with their consent.

Anyone who wishes to access catch information and fishing entitlement use (including our staff) must make a formal request, initially using the appropriate form. This request will then be assessed.

There are two forms available for making a request, which can be downloaded below. Which one is used depends upon the nature of the data being requested. Please use the following table to decide which form is appropriate for your specific request.  

Data request for a specific fishing licence (E1 form)

This form is used by people outside the Department of Fisheries to request access to catch history or entitlement use relating to a specific fishing authorisation. Applications of this kind must have the consent, using statuary declaration(s), of the person or each of the persons to whom the information relates.​

Data request form (general)

This form is used in all other data request cases, in general to request access to catch and effort data related to commercial fishing, recreational fishing and fishing charter tour operations.​



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