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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries

Noxious (banned) fish

​To protect our waters from the spread of aquatic pests, some fish species are banned from being imported into WA. These species are listed as ‘noxious’ under schedule 5 of the Fish Resources Management Regulations 1995.

Under the Fish Resources Management Act 1994 you must not do the following with any noxious fish:

  • keep, breed, hatch or culture them;
  • have them in your possession;
  • consign or convey them;
  • release them into any waters; or
  • put them into a container or receptacle in which they might remain alive.
Penalties of $10,000 and above apply for possessing or releasing noxious fish.  

Proposed additions to the noxious fish list

We want your input on the latest proposed additions to the noxious fish list.

As part of a national strategy, we are considering adding a range of new fish species to the State’s noxious fish list.

See the Noxious fish additions leaflet for a list of the species proposed. It also explains how you can have input in the consultation process.

Current noxious fish list


See the noxious fish list for current listed fish. These species should no longer be in circulation. If you are in possession of a noxious fish it is essential that you do not release them, or any ornamental fish, into our waterways.

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