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Recreational fishing

​Recreational fishing at the Abrolhos Islands

Recreational fishing at the Abrolhos is fantastic, but it’s important to fish by the rules. That way, we make sure fishing at the Abrolhos in enjoyable both now and into the future.

The daily bag limits, minimum legal sizes and other recreational fishing regulations that apply across the West Coast Bioregion also apply in the waters of the Abrolhos Islands Fish Habitat Protection Area (FHPA). Full details are available at

However, there are a number of fishing regulations specific to the Abrolhos Islands. These include:

  • It is a regulatory requirement that the Master of a boat must not travel to the Abrolhos Islands Fish Habitat Protection Area at any time unless the Department is notified via the online notification form .
  • The maximum quantity of finfish that a person may be in possession of within the Abrolhos Islands FHPA is 10 kilograms of finfish fillets, or one day’s bag limit of whole fish or fish trunks.
  • A closure to fishing for baldchin groper (Choerodon rubescens) applies from 1 November to 31 January. It coincides with the time that baldchin groper gather together to spawn in the Abrolhos and is aimed at protecting breeding stock. Taking or possessing baldchin groper is prohibited in the Abrolhos Islands FHPA during this time.
  • The take, possession and landing of demersal finfish, including baldchin groper, is also prohibited during the West Coast Bioregion Demersal Finfish closure, beginning October 15 until December 15 (inclusive.)
  • Western rock lobster (Panulirus cygnus) may be taken in the Abrolhos Islands, and a licence is required if you wish to catch them. Sea lion exclusion devices are required on rock lobster pots operated within the Southern and Eastern groups of the islands. Full details are provided in the Sea Lion Exclusion Devices brochure, available at, from Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development offices and most tackle shops.
  • Visitors are not permitted to take samson fish (Seriola hippos) or yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi) that reside in the anchorage areas of inhabited islands.

Abrolhos waters are inside a FISH HABITAT PROTECTION AREA in the West Coast Bioregion


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