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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries

How to apply to translocate fish

If you have any questions, please contact the Department at, or phone 1300 374 731 (1300 DPIRD1).

The process

We have developed a process to ensure risks associated with translocation of live fish are minimised. If you receive Translocation Approval, there are conditions you must abide by, otherwise legal action may be taken.

There are three ways to legally translocate (move) live non-endemic fish in Western Australia. You will need:

  • a Streamlined Translocation Approval; or
  • a Standard Translocation Approval; or
  • a Translocation Authority.

Streamlined Translocation Approval

This process is a fast-tracked way to receive approval if you are planning to translocate fish for the following four activities:

  • Non-commercial aquaculture (including non-commercial aquaponics)
  • Commercial aquaculture
  • The restaurant trade
  • Non-commercial stocking of rainbow and brown trout in farm dams, which now includes a faster simpler approval system - see below.

You can apply for a Streamlined Translocation Approval if you meet certain conditions and intend to translocate a certain species that is included on the appropriate White List. The application process is free of charge.

To find out if your intended activity is suitable for a Streamlined Translocation Approval, read the relevant guidelines, below:

Applying for a Streamlined Translocation Approval

If your intended activity is suitable for a Streamlined Translocation Approval, you can apply onlineor for non-commercial stocking of rainbow and brown trout in farm dams, there is a faster simpler approval system - see below. 

Standard Translocation Approval

The Standard Translocation Approval process is used when you do not meet some or all of the criteria outlined in any of the guidelines for a Streamlined Translocation Approval (i.e. the species is not on the relevant White List or you cannot meet the conditions).
The Standard Translocation Approval process usually takes less than 10 business days to process. The application process is free of charge.  

To find out if your intended activity is suitable for a Standard Translocation Approval, read the guidelines below.

Applying for a Standard Translocation Approval 

If your intended activity is suitable for a Standard Translocation Approval, you can apply online.

Translocation Authority

If you intend to translocate fish that don’t meet the criteria for a Streamlined Translocation Approval or a Standard Translocation Approval, you may need to apply for a Translocation Authority. This is a more complex process, as a thorough risk assessment and consultation may need to be carried out.

A Translocation Authority is usually required for translocations on a large scale, or when the applicant intends to use the species for an activity purpose used only on rare occasions, or the species to be used is of a higher biosecurity risk.

There is a fee when applying for a Translocation Authority. For further information, or to obtain an application pack for a Translocation Authority, please contact the Translocation Officer.

If you are unsure whether you meet the required criteria for a Translocation Approval, or need assistance to apply for a Translocation Authority, contact our Translocation Officer by telephone or email


A faster simpler approval system for non-commercial trout stocking in dams

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has developed an approval system for the stocking of trout for non-commercial purposes into dams to provide a faster, simpler service to stakeholders. This approval is in accordance with regulation 176 of the Fish Resources Management Regulations 1995 and Fisheries Management Paper 250.

Trout have been stocked in Western Australia for many years and a Departmental risk assessment has determined that they are suitable for translocation for non-commercial stocking into dams if certain criteria are met to keep risks low. Dams that do not connect to waterways are considered low risk locations for stocking as trout are unable to impact on natural aquatic systems.

If you wish to translocate rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) or brown trout (Salmo trutta) for non-commercial purposes (i.e. for your own personal consumption, not to on-sell) in dams:

  • Contact a licensed aquaculture facility that stocks trout and place your order.
  • Apply online for a Streamlined Translocation Approval, selecting the Non-commercial Stocking of Rainbow and Brown Trout in Farm Dams activity type.
  • If you can meet ALL of the approval conditions in the application form, submit the form.
  • Within 10 working days, the Translocation Officer should respond to you indicating if you are covered by the non-commercial approval. You should take this email response along when you go to collect your trout.

Note: if you have an aquaculture licence that includes trout as a species you can keep and wish to stock trout (for on-sale), you should select the Commercial Aquaculture activity type. If approved, you will receive a translocation approval document.


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