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Western Australian Demersal Net & Hook Fisheries Management Advisory Committee

WA Fishing Industry Council
Western Australian Fisheries and Marine Research Laboratories
Western Australian Marine Research Laboratories
Material unused and rejected, determined to be worthless or unwanted.
Water quality
A term used to describe the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of water, usually in respect to its suitability for a particular purpose.
Water vascular system
A network of water-filled canals in echinoderms used in locomotion and food gathering.
The state of the atmosphere at a given time in terms of such phenomena as temperature, wind, clouds and precipitation.
Cartilaginous (e.g. sharks and rays) and scale fish or finfish (e.g. dhufish and snapper).
Any fishery or fishing activity which targets cartilaginous fish and finfish.
Fishing activities for which there are no restrictions on the number of commercially licensed fishing vessels with access.
Marine mammals of the order Cetacea, having the general shape of a fish but with flippers, a tail with horizontal flukes, and one or two blowholes for breathing.
Whites (rock lobster)
Newly moulted juvenile migrating lobsters.
Whole weight
Measuring weight of an animal before processing, such as heading, gutting, and shucking.
Western Rock Lobster Council
Western Rock Lobster Development Association


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