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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries

Trout stocking

Hundreds of thousands of trout are released each year into the rivers and dams of the State’s south-west. Trout are released at varying sizes: as fry, yearlings, advanced yearlings and ex-broodstock throughout the year to provide a variety of fishing experiences for anglers.

See the table below for planned locations for releasing trout in 2023. Please note, these locations and numbers may be subject to change.

2023 trout stocking plan

It has been necessary to change some of the stocking locations where fry have previously been released due to some of the water bodies being prone to drying by the end of the summer period.

DPIRD is focus​sing production on the release of the larger size yearlings rather than smaller fry, and this means that the total number of trout released is reduced. Nevertheless, releasing bigger fish increases survivability so that they can grow to one day be captured by recreational anglers. 

In 2023 rainbow and brown trout will be released by the Pemberton Freshwater Research Centre at a variety of locations. Please note stocking numbers for 2023 are lower than previous years due to the Pemberton Freshwater Research Centre (PFRC) undergoing refurbishments resulting in a 33% reduced capacity. Normal capacity is expected to return in 2024.


Rainbow yearlings 2023​ B​rown yearlings 2023​
​Preston River ​400
​Murray​ River 1,800​ 400​
Brunswick River​ 300​
​Collie River Gorge​ 1,200​ 750​
Donnelly River​ 1,300​ 500​
Warren River​ 2,500​ 600​
Lefroy Brook​ 1,500​ 500​
Blackwood River​ 2,500​
King River​
Waroona Dam​ 600​
Harvey Dam​ 4,000​ 500​
Logue Brook Dam​ 500​ 350​
Drakesbrook Dam ​500​ 250
Wellington Dam​ 4,000​ 1,500​
Glen Mervyn Dam​ 200​
Big Brook Dam​ 500​ ​400​
Norilup Dam​ 200​


Rainbows 2023​ Browns 2023
​Preston River

​Collie River Gorge​
Warren and Lefroy​ ​150 50​
Waroona Dam​ 250 50​
Harvey Dam​ ​600 100​
Logue Brook Dam​
Drakesbrook Dam ​250 50
Wellington Dam​ ​350 100
​Big Brook Dam ​100 ​50
Totals ​1,700 400​


Rainbow trout fry 2023​
​Dirk Brook 2,000
Nanga Brook 10,000
Murray River 10,000​
​Logue Brook 5,000​
Falls Brook (Harvey Dam) 2,000​
McKnoes Brook 2,000
Cypress Creek
Drakesbrook Dam​
Brunswick River ​2,500
Collie River high 2,000​
Collie River low 2,000​
Carlotta Brook 2,000​
Nannup Brook 2,000​
St Johns Brook 2,000​
St Johns Barrabup Pool 2,000
Upper Hesters Brook 2,000
Balingup Brook 2,000​
​Blackwood River
​Norolup Dam
​Donnelley River - Pailings Road 2,000
​​Donnelley River - Damper Gully Road ​2,000
​​Donnelley River - Scatter Road ​2,000
​Donnelley River - lower
​Beedelup Brook​ 2,000
​Record Brook ​2,000
​Smith Brook 2,000
​Warren River ​10,000
​Dombakup Brook ​2,000
Quinninup Brook 2,000
​Lefroy Brook ​5,000
​Treen ​5,000
​Moons Crossing ​2,000
​Collins Crossing ​2,000
​Lower Eastbrook ​2,000
​Totals ​91,500


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