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Marron commercial fishing

Commercial marron fishing in Western Australia was banned in the 1950s and the wild fishery became wholly recreational.

The commercial supply of marron to restaurants became dependent on aquaculture, which is the farming of aquatic plants or animals.

Marron can be farmed in two ways:

  • Building specially designed and equipped marron ponds at a favourable location and managing the aquaculture farm using well-researched methods to achieve large harvests of marron.
  • Cropping small numbers of marron from existing farm dams as a way of diversifying an agricultural farmer’s income. 

Commercial licences

Commercial marron farming requires a licence and there are two types: 

  • Marron-limited (commonly referred to as a ‘trapper’s licence’ or ‘restricted licence’). A person with this type of licence may sell marron over 76 mm in carapace length commercially to holders of a marron licence and holders of a fish processing licence that authorises them to process marron.
  • Marron-unlimited (commonly referred to as an ‘unrestricted marron licence’). A person with this type of licence may sell any size marron to any person. For example, they may make retail sales to their own customers or restaurants and food establishments as well as selling commercially to a licensed wholesale processor of marron.

Please note: Anyone growing marron must source them from the holder of an aquaculture licence endorsed for marron or from the Pemberton Freshwater Research Centre.

Download a licence application form or contact us for more information.


Marron are marketed alive and with all legs intact to get the best prices – particularly for export. They are marketed through established licensed marron processors. Contact us for a list of processors.

Industry associations

The Aquaculture Council of Western Australia

Marron Growers Association of Western Australia

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