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​Barra bonanza! The Minister for Fisheries, the Hon. Dave Kelly (left), with Recfishwest CEO Andrew Roland and TAFE Portfolio Manager Jeff Cooper with some of the barramundi fingerlings being stocked into Lake Kununurra.

Friday 31 May 2019

Barra stocking turns Kununurra into a sports fishing destination of choice

​The latest batch of 100,000 barramundi fingerlings released into Lake Kununurra brings the total to 650,000 stocked since 2012 and is expected to further establish the iconic water body as a sports fishing destination of choice.

Barramundi are Australia’s most recognisable estuarine sports fish, with many recreational fishers travelling to northern WA to try and catch one, benefitting the regional economy and regional jobs with the increase in tourism.

Funding for the latest batch of fingerlings came through revenue raised from recreational fishing licence fees that goes into the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund.

We health check all the barramundi fingerlings prior to release and they are marked using an organic dye,  which illuminates under infrared light allowing the released fish to be identified in the future.

The restocking program is aimed at establishing Lake Kununurra as a bucket list destination for those wanting to catch the fish of a lifetime in safe sheltered waters close to the town.

The North Regional TAFE in Broome manages the breeding and restocking program on behalf of the State Government in collaboration with us, Recfishwest, the Lake Kununurra Barramundi Restocking Group, the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, plus the Miriuwung Gajerrong Rangers.


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