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Thursday 29 September 2022

Ute bond forfeited and huge fines issued for illegal marron fishing

Two men from North Yunderup and a third man from Nambeelup have been hit with fines, penalties, and court costs of more than $35,000 for taking out-of-season marron and related offences uncovered by fisheries officers during Operation Fayoak.

The convictions in the Mandurah Court on Tuesday were the last from that Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development’s compliance operation in the South West and metropolitan regions, which ran from April to September in 2020. 

The operation saw a total of eight offenders prosecuted for various offences related to fishing for or possessing marron during the closed season. 

This week, the Mandurah Court magistrate was clear that one offender who had removed his number plate and did not stop for fisheries officers, knew he was doing the wrong thing. 

The 42-year-old North Yunderup man was issued with fines, mandatory penalties and court costs totalling $12,541.50 and forfeited a $2,000 bond being held as security on a vehicle used in committing offences between the 15 April and 6 July 2020.

He was charged with the joint possession of 121 marron at Stirling Dam on 9 May 2020, and possession of a further 59 marron on 6 July, which was also the day he failed to stop for fisheries officers, collided with their vehicle and fled the prohibited zone for Stirling Dam east of Harvey.  He was later identified on 8 September, stopped in his vehicle and escorted home. 

DPIRD fisheries officers executed a search warrant at the North Yunderup residence, where the accused’s white utility was identified as having been in a collision with the DPIRD vehicle. 

A second offender, a 47-year-old man from North Yunderup, was involved in the joint possession of the 121 marron at Stirling Dam. He was issued a fine, mandatory penalty and court costs of $8309.30.

A 43-year-old man from Nambeelup was also charged with the joint possession of the 121 marron and found guilty of a further charge of out of season possession of 78 marron at Stirling Dam on 26 May. He was ordered to pay a total of $12,209.30.

Metro Compliance Acting Director Mark Kleeman said marron could only be fished recreationally between 8 January and 5 February each year.

“Out-of-season marron fishing is a priority for our compliance officers in the Perth area as well as those in the South West and Southern regions, and we check regularly throughout the year,” Mr Kleeman said. “Any out-of-season marron fishing activity is risk to this unique WA fishery.” 

If you have information involving the illegal marron fishing, you can report it anonymously to FishWatch on 1800 815 507 or send an email to   

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