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Marron recreational fishing

The marron fishery is unique because it is purely for recreational fishers.

Marron are endemic between Harvey and Albany. Over the past century, marron were stocked into farm dams and waterways from Hutt River north of Geraldton inland to the Goldfields and east to Esperance on the south coast.

A licence is required when fishing for marron. Fishers must be prepared to produce it if asked to by a Fisheries and Marine Officer. Application forms are available here or at our offices.

To keep a sustainable marron fishery, rules and regulations in place include: seasonal and area closures; size, bag and possession limits; and restrictions on the type of fishing gear used.

Open season

Marron are only allowed to be caught during a short summer season.

Open season is from 12 noon, 8 January - 12 noon, 5 February, annually.

Size limits

A minimum legal size of 80 mm carapace length applies.

To give fishers the chance to catch larger ‘trophy’ sized marron, there are separate rules for ‘trophy waters’ - within 500 m of the waterline of Harvey Dam, Waroona Dam and the Hutt River (north of Geraldton). In trophy waters the minimum legal size is 90 mm.

Bag limit

There is a daily (from midday to midday the next day) bag limit of eight marron per licensed fisher.

Plus, there is a possession limit of 16 marron per licensed fisher. This means you may only accumulate your daily bag limit up to a possession limit of 16. This limit applies everywhere except in your permanent home.

In trophy waters there is a combined daily bag and possession limit of five marron per licensed fisher.

Marron size and bag limits


Daily bag limit
per licensed fisher​

Possession limit
per licensed fisher

Minimum size​

Trophy waters​

See possession

(combined daily
bag and possession limit)​


90 mm​


All other waters in WA​



80 mm​

To measure a marron, use an approved gauge and measure from the tip of the horn protruding from the marron’s forehead, to the back edge of the marron’s carapace. 

Measure each marron on capture and gently release it if it is too small. If the gauge fits over the back of the carapace, and is even slightly loose, the marron is too small and must be returned to the water.

Fishing gear

Legal fishing gear includes one bushman’s pole (self-tightening) snare per licensed fisher or six drop nets or one wire-basket crab scoop. You may use only one of these methods at any one time.

There are fishing areas where only the use of a pole snare is permitted.

It is illegal to use diving gear to catch marron. It is illegal to use boats, including canoes and kayaks, to catch marron or to transport marron scoop nets or drop nets.

Protect your fishery

You can protect the marron fishery by remembering that:

  • Female marron carrying eggs or young must be carefully and quickly returned to the water – they are carrying the future marron stocks.
  • Undersized marron must be returned to the water immediately – it takes four years for a marron to reach legal size.
  • Fishers share the marron fishery. Nobody owns the shoreline, so please don't stake out big ‘territories’. 

More information

Our Recreational fishing for marron guide provides more details of legal fishing gear and specific area rules.

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