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At key stages during the establishment processes we will be providing stakeholders and the community with the opportunity to meet with our staff. For each zone these will be:  
  1. At the start of the project.

  2. When the site has been selected.

  3. Once technical studies and a draft Management Policy have been completed.

  4. During a formal public comment period when the community is encouraged to make written submissions.

Public notices will be placed in newspapers near the zones to announce these opportunities to meet. This information will also be sent to people who have joined our mailing list to receive project updates.

We can also arrange additional meetings with stakeholders if required.  

Development zones

Mid West Aquaculture Development Zone

The Mid West Aquaculture Development Zone (MWADZ) project was referred to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and the level of assessment set at 'Public Environmental Review'. The EPA will also provide the community with a separate opportunity during various stages of the Public Environmental Review to comment on or to appeal its report.

Kimberley Aquaculture Development Zone

The Kimberley Aquaculture Development Zone (KADZ) project in Cone Bay is in its final stages. This zone was declared by the Minister for Fisheries on 22 August 2014 and is the first aquaculture development zone to be established in Western Australia. Updates on its progress will be included in regular newsletters.

Industry consultation

A reference group of representatives from the aquaculture industry has been established to advise us on key matters. The group includes:

  • Tina Thorne (Aquaculture Council of Western Australia)
  • Erica Starling (Indian Ocean Fresh Australia)
  • Desiree Allen (Marine Produce Australia)
  • Greg Jenkins (Challenger Institute of Technology)

More information 

If you would like to receive updates or further information contact (Kimberley project) or (Mid West project).

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