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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries
Wednesday 23 October 2019

Public consultation opens on plan to boost pink snapper stocks in the Gascoyne

​Recreational and commercial fishers have the opportunity to provide input on a plan to get the recovery of pink snapper stocks back on track in the Gascoyne Bioregion.

WA’s Gascoyne Demersal Scalefish Resource Harvest Strategy Reference Group, including representatives from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD), Recfishwest, the WA Fishing Industry Council, the charter sector and a recreational fishing representative, along with a Shark Bay Snapper Fishermen’s Association representative, have been working on management of demersal scalefish since 2017.

 DPIRD research on oceanic pink snapper in the Gascoyne.

The reference group developed the Draft Oceanic Pink Snapper Recovery Plan 2018-2037, after a 2017 stock assessment indicated pink snapper were not recovering quickly enough in the region.

This draft plan is open for public comment until 5pm Wednesday 27 November.

DPIRD Fisheries Management Officer Shane Walters said strong community and stakeholder support led to initial arrangements, previously implemented, to help pink snapper recover.

“These include a significant commercial catch reduction, put forward by the commercial sector and the protection of important spawning aggregations north of Bernier Island, during the peak spawning period of June to August,” Mr Walters said.

“The recovery plan builds on these management arrangements and sets out a recovery ‘road map’ with clear targets to ensure pink snapper recover within acceptable timeframes.

Recfishwest CEO Andrew Rowland said, “pink snapper are the lifeblood of recreational fishing in the Gascoyne and Recfishwest is proud to have developed this draft recovery plan in partnership with DPIRD and the commercial fishing sector.

“We encourage recfishers who fish in the Gascoyne to review the draft recovery plan and share their views on it with us. Local fishers have shown an overwhelming willingness to be part of the solution for recovering the pink snapper fishery and we applaud the local Carnarvon community for their input on this issue so far.”

WAFIC CEO Alex Ogg said, “we would like to emphasise that commercial licence holders have already demonstrated their commitment to the recovery of this fishery through a substantial reduction in catches, which has been felt by small businesses and seafood consumers alike.

“This recovery strategy now mandates that both commercial and recreational sectors review proposed measures and commit equally to adopting effective actions that will deliver long-term sustainability for this iconic Western Australian species.”

The draft plan is available online at at the Public Comments page The page has details on how recreational and commercial fishers can lodge comments to their peak bodies.

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