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Lalang-garram/Camden Sound management

Lalang-garram/Camden Sound Marine Park is 300 kilometres north of Broome and covers almost 700,000 hectares.

It is the first of five multiple-use marine parks to be created under the Western Australian Government's Kimberley Wilderness Parks initiative, a key outcome of the Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy.

Primarily recognised as a principal calving habitat of the humpback whale population that migrates annually along the State’s coast, Camden Sound is also known as one of the most biologically significant regions in the world. It includes Montgomery Reef, St George Basin and Prince Regent River.

The outer boundaries of the marine park were created in June 2012 and the management plan was approved in November 2013. Legislative changes are needed to create management ‘zones’ in the marine park. The zoning scheme will influence how fishing and other activities are managed and is expected to come into effect during 2016. Until this time, current fishing activities will not be impacted.

The marine park will be jointly managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife and Dambimangari traditional owners. We work with the joint management partners to deliver improved compliance, research and education programs for the marine park.
Our Research Division has been monitoring the marine environment of Lalang-garram/Camden Sound Marine Park since 2012. Monitoring programs have focused on the marine fish and shark fauna of this unique region. 

More information

For information about recreational fishing, visit fishing in Lalang-garram/Camden Sound Marine Park. The following publications also provide more details about this marine park:

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