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WA’s Western Rock Lobster  - Industry growth plan

The McGowan Government is looking to grow the iconic WA lobster industry to create 500 local jobs (many in regional areas), support small businesses, and provide more lobster to Western Australians.

Industry consultation is currently being undertaken by the Western Rock Lobster (Council) on the Government’s proposal  to amend the West Coast Rock Lobster Managed Fishery Management Plan 2012 to provide existing licence holders with an additional 315 tonnes of quota this year (2019). A further 1,385 tonnes will be gradually released to the market (pending sustainability assessment) via lease or sale to new and existing fishers. This will provide revenue to fund a new $27.5 million industry development package and a better economic return for all Western Australians.

This innovative plan is outlined below:

WA’s Western Rock Lobster - Industry growth plan to create WA jobs

Should you wish to provide comment on the McGowan Government’s Plan, please email by 4pm Thursday the 31st of January 2019.

Gascoyne demersal scalefish resource harvest strategy - 2016

A Gascoyne demersal scalefish resource harvest strategy is being developed through an independently-chaired, stakeholder-based working group consisting of representatives from the commercial and recreational fishing sectors, the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council and Recfishwest respectively, and the Department.

A draft harvest strategy is scheduled to be released for public comment in August 2016. To enable other interested stakeholders to keep informed of the working group’s deliberations ahead of the release of the draft harvest strategy document, a report will be released following each working group meeting.

The following documents have been provided to the working group as reference material:


The following consultation meetings are open to the public:

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