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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries
Wednesday 9 June 2021

Changes to recreational fishing rules

The introduction of trip limits; changes to the rules for filleting at sea; and the definition of whole fish are some of the key changes to Western Australian recreational fishing rules which will apply from 1 July 2021.

The new rules are a proactive management response to issues raised by the WA fishing community, in consultation with WA’s peak recfishing body, Recfishwest, to help manage the impact of increased fishing activity on demersal scalefish.

The most important change is the introduction of trip limits. The possession limit of 20kg of finfish fillets remains, but all fillets in excess of 10kg must be from large pelagic species, stored separately with the skin attached. 20kg is the equivalent of 100 x 200gm meals – that’s a lot of fish!

Fishers will also welcome updates to filleting at sea and the definition of whole fish, which include the removal of the 30cm minimum fillet length; and that whole large pelagics can be cut in two pieces and still be considered as one fish. For both rules, skin will need to be attached while still at sea.

To help support catch care principles across the State, the master of a boat fishing for demersal scalefish by line, both recreational and charter, anywhere in the State, must be in possession of a release weight.

These rules have been introduced to help protect our ocean resources and ensure sustainable, quality fishing experiences now and into the future. For full details, read our media release or FAQ.


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