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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries
Three fishers nearly being washed off rocks

​Don't put your life on the line - no fish is worth risking your life for. Photo courtesy of Recfishwest.

Tuesday 28 February 2017

Enjoy safer salmon fishing

As the annual western Australian salmon run gets underway, fishers are urged to catch their salmon from the beach and stay off the rocks, which are slippery and dangerous.

Since 2002, around 25 people have died while rock fishing in WA and last April a man died after being swept off the rocks at Salmon Holes, bringing the total of deaths there to 13 since 1983.

You will often have a better chance to catch salmon from the beach than the rocks, as the fish school-up very close to shore in big numbers, in preparation for their spawning migration.

If you do decide to fish from the rocks, use the appropriate safety gear, with information available on the fish and survive website supported by Recfishwest.

There are over 20 locations in WA where you can borrow free lifejackets, including the Albany and Katanning migrant resource centres. In addition, 12 orange life rings are provided at high-risk fishing locations and six rock anchor points installed at Salmon Holes, which allow fishers to tether themselves using their own rope and harness.

An emergency phone has also been placed at Salmon Holes to improve emergency response times and potentially save lives.

Wherever you choose to fish, there is a bag limit of four salmon a day and they have to be at least 30 centimetres long to be kept. For more information see our recreational fishing rules.

You can also download our Recreational fishing guide or pick up a copy of the guide from our offices and participating information outlets.

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