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An aerial view of a cluster of islands in the Abrolhos group
The Abrolhos Islands are a popular fishing getaway but you need to know the special rules that apply to this pristine environment.
Tuesday 27 March 2018

Special rules apply when visiting the Abrolhos

​The Easter long weekend and the coming months are always a busy time at the Abrolhos Islands as fishers enjoy the favourable weather and conditions.

Visitors to the islands should ensure they are familiar with the fishing rules and relevant visitor information for the region before heading to this popular destination.

To ensure the environmental values of the islands are protected, all boat skippers intending to travel to the Abrolhos are required to fill in an online notification form.

A Fish Habitat Protection Area (FHPA) is in place around the islands, which includes no-fishing areas, to ensure this iconic aquatic ecosystem is conserved – so you should ensure you know where you can and can’t fish if planning a trip.

You should also be aware a possession limit of either 10 kg of finfish fillets or one day’s bag limit of whole fish per licenced fisher applies in and around the islands. For example, one baldchin groper and one coral trout per day can be filleted as long as the fillets remain over 300 mm.

For those chasing the island’s sought-after western rock lobster, specific rules apply, including fitting lobster pots with a sea lion exclusion device when fishing within the Southern and Easter groups of the islands.

Boat owners are also urged to clean their vessel’s hull before heading to the Abrolhos to prevent the introduction of exotic marine pests to the islands. This is particularly important for boats normally penned in the Batavia Marina at Geraldton. 

Information on fishing areas and boating, including mooring at the islands and restricted use of private jetties, is available in the Abrolhos Islands Information Guide.

For more information see our recreational fishing rules.

You can also download our Recreational fishing guide in booklet size or the A4 print-friendly version.

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