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A number of greenlip abalone on a rock, showing the brigh green-coloured edge that gives them their name

​Greenlip and brownlip abalone get their names from the coloured edge or 'lip' of their muscular foot, used to attach themselves to reefs or rocks.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Southern Zone open for abalone

Recreational abalone fishers can return to reefs in the Southern Zone of the fishery after the season reopened on 1 October.

The Southern Zone (Zone 3) extends from Busselton Jetty to the South Australian border and will be open to abalone fishing for licenced fishers until 15 May 2018.

The larger greenlip and brownlip abalone – found on rocks and reefs in deeper water along the south coast – are the main species fished in the Southern Zone, with the smaller Roe’s abalone also able to be taken.

There is a combined daily bag limit of five for greenlip and brownlip, with a minimum size limit of 140 mm measured across the widest part of the shell.

Fishers are permitted to take 20 Roe’s abalone per day in the Southern Zone only, with a minimum size limit of 60 mm.

Sea urchins often share the same reef habitat and may only be taken during the open season for abalone. There is no minimum size for sea urchin but a daily bag limit of 20 applies.

Abalone fishers should keep safety in mind at all times and not take risks with weather and sea conditions – always check before going fishing. 

For more information see our recreational fishing rules

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