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Two large scallop shells laying on a table

Scholarships will support further innovation for regional sectors, such as WA’s scallop industry.

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Six new aquaculture and agriculture entrepreneurs win scholarships

Six Western Australian entrepreneurs have been granted new scholarships through the Agriculture and Aquaculture Entrepreneurship Program to support further research and innovation.

The scholarships provide up to $30,000 which can be used for travel to research international and Australian best practice, as well as for local commercialisation, testing, training and knowledge sharing.

The successful applicants were selected by an independent evaluation panel.  Three of the six entrepreneurs live in regional WA and the scholarships cover a range of WA regional industry sectors, including aquaculture.

The new scholarships are awarded to:

• Mr Jonathan Bilton and Athair Aquaculture Pty Ltd - Supporting technology transfer to accelerate the development of the WA scallop industry

• Dr Sofie De Meyer and MALDIID Pty Ltd - rapid and accurate quality control technology for legumes

• Mr Robert Kelly and Livestock Systems Pty Ltd– identifying best practices for buying livestock

• Ms Kelly Pearce– supporting the development of a new data integration platform for WA farmers

• Mr Luke Wheat and Future Green Solutions Pty Ltd– researching mechanised production of insect proteins for aquaculture feedstock

• Mr Adam Wilson and Great Southern Truffles Pty Ltd – finding better ways to create value-added products with truffles.

These scholarships are an investment in new innovations which have the potential to grow WA jobs, particularly in the regions.


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