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The first ever Asian paddle crab found in the Swan River, in October 2012

​The Asian paddle crab can be distinguished by the sharp spines on the front of its shell between the eyes. Photo: Brody Laroux

Friday 10 November 2017

Keep watch for aquatic pests while crabbing

If you are crabbing over summer, please report any unusual crabs you find to our FishWatch 24-hour hotline on 1800 815 507 service as soon as possible.

Immediately reporting any suspected aquatic pests, such as the Asian paddle crab, could help eradicate them before they take hold.

Removing a few individuals is more feasible than trying to remove a widespread population, and would cost much less, so we need all sharp-eyed fishers to keep watch.

So far, the Asian paddle crab has not established in the wild anywhere in Australia and, by staying alert, recreational fishers can help prevent it becoming a marine pest here in WA.  

Fishers discovered four of these pest crabs in the Swan River in 2012 and 2014, and one in Mandurah in 2010.

An invasion of this pest crab species has already occurred in New Zealand. Since its detection in Auckland in 2000, the Asian paddle crab has spread to adjacent estuaries and has also been found over 100 kilometres north in Whangarei.

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