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Aquaculture scientist holds up a large yellowtail kingfish
Yellowtail kingfish are among the species expected to be cultured in the new aquaculture development zone. Photo courtesy of Indian Ocean Fresh Australia P/L
Friday 15 September 2017

Jobs boost for the Mid-West as Abrolhos aquaculture zone opens

Western Australia’s newest aquaculture development zone has been declared open for business.

Investment in the Mid West Aquaculture Development Zone is expected to create up to 1,400 jobs when all the fish farms are established.

The zone is made up of two areas – a 2,200-hectare northern section, now open to investors, and an 800-hectare southern section, which is subject to an existing aquaculture licence.

The development zone areas will still be accessible to commercial and recreational fishing in the Abrolhos.

Fully developed, the aquaculture zone has the potential to produce up to 48,000 tonnes of temperate marine finfish annually, from species that occur naturally in the Mid-West region – like the popular yellowtail kingfish. 

WA’s aquaculture development zones in the Kimberley and the Mid-West have undergone rigorous assessments to earn their environmental approvals. This makes it simpler, quicker and less costly for aquaculture operations to be set up.

Details on how investors can apply to be part of the Mid West Aquaculture Development Zone will be available from Monday 18 September and assessment of applications will begin in eight weeks.

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