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​Pink snapper fillets and 'wings' taken from a recently caught fish 

Tuesday 9 January 2018

Get the most out of your finfish

Recreational fishers can get the most out of their catch with fish ‘wings’ and backbones excluded from the Statewide possession limit of fillets.

The finfish possession limit is 20 kilograms, except at the Abrolhos Islands where it is 10 kilograms.

Excluding the wings and backbones from the possession limit encourages fishers to get the most out of the entire fish and provides another incentive for fishers to donate the frames (skeletons with heads and guts intact) to our Send Us Your Skeletons program.

The frames are vital for monitoring the stocks of a number of key species including WA dhufish and pink snapper.

Many fishers enjoy eating fish wings – the fleshy area around the fish’s pectoral fins – after cooking them on a barbeque.

‘Fillet’ means any particular piece of a finfish, other than a whole fish, fish trunk (fish that has had its head and tail removed) head, tail, fin, backbone or wing.

For these pieces to be excluded from the possession limit they must be entirely removed from the fillet. 

For more information see our recreational fishing rules.

You can also download our Recreational fishing guide in booklet size or the A4 print-friendly version.

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