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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries
Fisheries Officers inspecting catch alongside a small fishing boat
Reporting illegal or suspicious activities to FishWatch helps our Fisheries Officers gather information and investigate incidents.
Monday 23 April 2018

FishWatch supports fish for the future

You can play a role in keeping our fish stocks sustainable by reporting illegal or suspicious fishing activities to FishWatch on 1800 815 507, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Illegal fishing could include activities such as someone netting in a river, exceeding their daily bag limits, taking undersize fish, fishing out of season, using fish traps, having more fishing gear in the water than they should, or selling (or attempting to sell) recreationally caught fish.

FishWatch captures reports from a network of thousands of recreational fishers across the State. This information is then used to investigate incidents and prosecute as needed. Over the years, FishWatch reports have led to numerous apprehensions which have resulted in some significant fines and forfeitures.

It is best to report any suspicious fishing activity as soon as possible so that Fisheries Officers can attend and investigate the incident if they are available.

When reporting through FishWatch it’s important to include details such as how many people you saw, what they were doing, where it happened, what type of equipment you saw being used, boat or vehicle registration numbers and descriptions of the persons involved. Any information you provide could be valuable, however we recommend you do not approach anyone for your own safety.

Leaving your contact details when you call FishWatch is important to us as Fisheries Officers may have further questions. All reports made are treated in the strictest of confidence. If you don’t wish to contact us through FishWatch, you can pass your information on at one of our local offices.

Most fishers understand the need to do the right thing, but if you do see something involving fish or fishing which doesn’t look quite right, FishWatch provides a quick and easy way to report it.

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