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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries
Patrol vessel moored at jetty
Our Fisheries and Marine Officers regularly patrol Abrolhos Islands waters to ensure your safety and to make sure you’re following the rules. 
Wednesday 10 May 2017

Fish for the future at the Abrolhos

Fisheries and Marine Officers patrolling Abrolhos waters have urged fishers from outside the area to familiarise themselves with the fishing rules and the need to notify us when visiting the islands.

While the majority of regular day-trippers to the islands and local fishers do the right thing, a recent patrol caught out many from outside of the mid-west region who were unaware of the specific rules that apply in the islands’ waters. 

In total, 75 vessels were checked, 20 infringements issued and two rock lobster pots seized.

The offences included failing to notify us about travelling to the Abrolhos, incorrectly identified rock lobster pots, no Sea Lion Exclusion Device (SLED) fitted to a pot and possession of undersized fillets (under 30 cm length).

For yours and others’ safety at the Abrolhos islands – which lie 60 kilometres off the Geraldton Coast – we require all boat skippers intending to travel there to fill in an online notification form.

Each licensed recreational rock lobster fisher must attach a separate float to any pot they are using solely or sharing with their gear identification number on it.

In addition, SLEDs are mandatory in two areas of the Abrolhos Islands – the Pelsaert and Easter group of islands – to protect the local sea lion population.

Minimum fillet sizes are in place to protect undersize fish from being taken.

And don’t forget there is a different finfish possession limit to other WA fishing locations on the Abrolhos Islands and in surrounding waters −10kg of finfish fillets or one day’s bag limit of whole fish per fisher.

Wherever you’re travelling from to visit the islands, familiarise yourself with all the rules that apply at the islands, including where the no-fishing areas are located, using our Abrolhos Islands Information Guide.

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