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A number of salmon fishers fishing along a wide open beach
Fish safely and give each other beach users plenty of space on busy days like this one at Albany’s Shelley Beach. Picture: Tony Tropiano.
Thursday 19 April 2018

Being a beach-friendly fisher

Catching salmon in the autumn is one of WA’s iconic fishing experiences enjoyed by thousands of anglers every year – to keep it that way and ensure everyone can enjoy the beach, be considerate of others when fishing.

As the annual Western Australian salmon run gets into full swing, fishers should make sure they clean up after themselves. 

Fish heads and offal should not be discarded or thrown in the ocean as they can wash back up the beach. Fines for littering can be as much as $800 – so take away your rubbish or put it in a nearby bin.

Ensure there is plenty of space between you and other fishers, so you don’t cast over each other’s lines. Showing a little bit of respect like this can go a long way and helps make for a pleasant fishing experience for everyone.

Salmon schools often move up and down beaches and will likely come your way at some point – so there is no need to rush and crowd a spot if other fishers are catching salmon there.

Make sure you look out for swimmers before you cast out your fishing gear and take care when reeling in your submerged line if people are swimming around it. 

Boat fishers are encouraged to avoid steering their boats directly into salmon schools and keep a safe distance from shore fishers. 

And remember there is a daily bag limit of four salmon per fisher and they have to be at least 30cm long from the point of the nose to the tip of the tail to be kept. 

For more information see our recreational fishing rules.

You can also download our Recreational fishing guide in booklet size or the A4 print-friendly version.

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