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A close up of a fisherman holding the 15,000th tailor caught and tagged in the research program

Volunteer fisher, Terry Hunter, takes the honours after catching the research program’s 15,000th tailor.

Tuesday 3 April 2018

15,000th fish caught for volunteer fishing tailor survey

​Volunteer recreational fishers caught the 15,000th fish as part of our tailor angling recruitment survey, which helps the sustainable management of this popular recreational species.   

Since 1996, volunteer fishers have spent more than 7,000 hours catching and releasing the 15,000 tailor as part of the survey, which runs every year between February and April – giving our scientists an invaluable insight into the status of WA’s tailor population.

The survey sees fishers catching juvenile tailor on rod and line from Point Walter jetty on the Swan River, with our scientists recording the length before each fish is carefully returned to the water.

The Swan Estuary is effectively a nursery area for juvenile tailor and the data gathered from the survey allows scientists to forecast the abundance of adult tailor in future years.

This is important information for fisheries managers to ensure the stock is managed sustainably.

If you are a recreational fisher in Perth, and would like to become involved, we would welcome your assistance.

We provide training and support to enable volunteers to catch and release tailor. To be part of this valuable program, contact us by email or phone (08) 9203 0111.

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