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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Using illegal traps and fishing out of season for marron attracts big fines

​A vehicle inspection near Wellington Dam, in which a 46-year-old Collie man was caught with 22 traps and charged with fishing for marron in a closed season, had its sequel in court this month (14 February) when he was ordered to pay almost $5,000 in fines and costs.

Fisheries and Marine Officers came across Bradley Barrett when they stopped his vehicle as it was leaving a camping area, on Monday 30 October, 2017.

The court heard that, in a record of interview, the accused admitted to solely operating the 22 traps the previous evening, capturing six marron from the Wellington Dam, which were cooked and consumed with the marron carapaces and shells destroyed by fire to avoid detection.

The illegal traps seized near Wellington Dam on Monday 30 October 2017

Collie court was also told the accused further admitted that he was aware that the use of traps to fish for marron was prohibited and the usage of any device other than a pole snare to take marron within the waters of the Wellington Dam was illegal.

Barrett entered an endorsed plea of guilty and a written letter explaining his remorse.

The magistrate issued a $2,000 fine for the charge of fishing in a closed season and $2,000 for fishing for marron by other than a single snare pole. He also received additional mandatory penalties of $300 on each charge for the six marron and $190.85 in court costs.

An order for forfeiture of the traps, marron and equipment was granted by the magistrate.

Compliance Manager South for the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Richard Petty said Fisheries and Marine officers were constantly on the lookout for the illegal use of traps.

“The illegal use of traps in marron waters is further potentially destructive to the environment,” Mr Petty said.

“Traps can catch and kill other aquatic marine life such as native water rats (Rakali) and long-neck turtles.  Air-breathing mammals, reptiles and birds enter the traps, are unable to escape and quickly drown.

“The penalty handed down by the court for these offences should serve as a strong deterrent to others whom may think it’s okay to use traps and to fish out of season.”

Mr Petty said the marron season opened from noon on 8 January to noon on 5 February each year, but Fisheries officers actively patrolled inland waterways throughout the year. People are urged to report illegal fishing activity or abandoned traps to FishWatch on 1800 815 507

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