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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries
Friday 5 January 2018

Stay safe and make the most of the coming marron season

  • Marron season kicks off at 12pm on Monday and runs until 12pm on February 5
  • More than 10,600 recreational marron fishing licences issued for 2018 season
  • Licensed fishers are urged to know the limits and rules that apply by accessing the recreational fishing guide for marron online at

Thousands of Western Australians are gearing up for the start of the annual wild-stock marron season, which begins at 12pm on Monday, January 8 and runs until 12pm on Monday, February 5.

The limited four-week season and strict fishing rules makes this fishery one of the most carefully managed recreational fisheries in Australia.

Large numbers of marron fishers are expected at popular camping locations on the major freshwater rivers and irrigation dams in the South-West.

Compliance and education officers from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development will be visiting fishing locations to ensure fishers know and follow the rules.

The ongoing sustainability of the fishery depends on strict rules, including marron fishing gear, and the recreational use of traps is illegal in public waters in WA, due to their potential to ‘ghost fish’ and impact on native species such as turtles, native water rats and birdlife.

Fishers are urged to remember that the Shannon River and Margaret River and its tributaries upstream of the Ten Mile Brook junction or in waters within 300 metres upstream and 50 metres downstream of the Bussell Highway traffic bridge are closed for marron fishing.

You can purchase a marron fishing licence online at, where you can also access the recreational fishing guide for marron. Suspicious or illegal fishing activity should be reported to FishWatch on 1800 815 507.

Comments attributed to Acting Fisheries Minister Fran Logan:

“Fishing for marron along karri-lined rivers or at still water dams in the South-West is a highly valued experience unique to Western Australia.

“All participants play a key role in the sustainability of recreational marron fishing by sticking to the rules and helping to protect the fishing experience for future generations.

“Past seasons have shown that the majority of marron fishers do the right thing and have a strong sense of stewardship for the fishery.”

Minister's office - 6552 6100  

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