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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries
Tuesday 13 March 2018

Recreational fishers show strong stewardship in fishing snapshot

  • ​Latest boat fishing survey shows crabs are still the most caught species in WA
  • Catch estimates show more school whiting were caught than any other finfish
  • Almost 6,000 recreational fishers took part in the third State-wide boat fishing survey

Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly has applauded recfishers for their active participation in Western Australia’s third recreational boat fishing survey - the most comprehensive of its kind in Australia.

Having an understanding of the recreational catch is vital to keeping our fisheries sustainable and helping to ensure there will be fish for the future.

The State-wide survey also indicates there was a high level of compliance with the fishing rules, and that recreational fishers have a strong sense of stewardship for fish stocks.

The survey has been carried out every two years to compare catches over time. The latest snapshot shows an estimated 680,000 blue swimmer crabs were fished in 12 months, making it the most caught species.

School whiting was the most captured finfish with an estimated 230,000 reeled in by recreational fishers, followed by Australian herring, pink snapper and dhufish.

70 per cent of crabs and one in every four school whiting caught, along with 75 per cent of pink snapper, one in five herring and 35 per cent of rock lobsters, were released by fishers for a range of reasons, including minimum size limits.

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Comments attributed to Fisheries and Innovation and ICT Minister Dave Kelly:

“Good science is vital for effectively managing our State’s fisheries to ensure there is fish for the future, and WA maintains its reputation for having some of the best fisheries in the world.

“I am pleased to see that the majority of recreational fishers take their stewardship role seriously, and keep sustainability and the future enjoyment of WA fishing foremost in their minds.

“This innovative survey used logbooks, boat ramp surveys and remote cameras to generate the catch estimates for the State, so that we know what’s being caught and where.

“I’d like to thank the almost 6,000 Western Australian fishers who took part in this survey, which is the most comprehensive of its kind in Australia.”

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