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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries
Thursday 22 June 2017

Recfishing licence fees increase to benefit recreational fishing

  • Recreational fishing licence fees will increase for the first time in seven years
  • All fishing licence fees in WA are re-invested into the recreational fishing sector
  • It will provide an additional $1 million annually for management and initiatives

As part of the State Government's review of fees and charges, recreational fishing licence fees will go up by $5 from July 8, 2017.

The review noted that recreational fishing licence fees have not increased since 2010 and, importantly, they contribute to the total cost of managing recreational fishing in WA.

Licences are required in recreational fishing for rock lobster, abalone and marron, when fishing with a net or from a boat, and also for fresh water angling in the South-West. The new fee for each of those licences will be $45. Fishing from a boat licence will cost $35. Fresh water angling licences are not required for under 16s.

Of the revenue raised, 15 per cent will be provided to Recfishwest, 25 per cent will be placed in the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund, and the rest will go to fisheries management.

This will provide about an extra $150,000 to Recfishwest and about $250,000 to the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund, lifting the annual contribution it receives through licence fees to more than $2.1 million.

Comments attributed to Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly:

"We have inherited record debt and deficits from the Liberals and to fix this mess everyone must play their part.

"As part of a review of fees and charges, recreational fishing licence fees will go up by $5 from July 8.

"The last time recreational fishing licences were increased was seven years ago.

"Every cent from licence fees goes towards improving recreational fishing opportunities by providing increased funding to Recfishwest, the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund, and to fisheries management, which all work to ensure our recreational fishing industry remains sustainable and safe for fishers.

"Fifty per cent discounts will still apply to fishing licences for under 16s, pensioners and seniors. Line fishing from beaches and jetties will still be free so families can still enjoy a great weekend and holiday experience along the WA coast."

Minister's office - 6552 6100

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