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Wednesday 19 July 2017

Illegal marron fishing matters lead to hefty fines in Collie Court

​Fishing for wild-catch marron out of season in Western Australia is illegal.

Fishing for marron with anything other than a snare net at Harvey Dam is also an offence.

For those two transgressions, a magistrate this week issued a 37-year-old Collie local with a fine of $400 for each offence and ordered the offender to pay a total of $7,788 because each of the offences also attracted mandatory additional penalties of $3,400. Court costs were $188.

Following the outcome, Southern Regions Compliance Manager for the Fisheries Division of the Department for Primary Industries and Regional Development, Richard Petty said those large penalties were the result of the man being found in possession of a total of 68 marron.

“Even during the marron fishing season,” Mr Petty said, “the daily limit that applies in the trophy waters at Harvey Dam is five marron per person and this man had more than 13 times that amount.

“These were serious offences and the decision of the court reflected that.

“They were detected by Fisheries and Marine Officers on 30 December, 2016 – more than a week before the annual wild-catch marron fishing season was due to begin.

“WA’s annual wild-catch marron season is limited to four weeks annually to help keep the fishery sustainable and to help maintain it as a unique fishing experience for future generations to enjoy as well.”   

The season runs from 8 January to 5 February each year.

In another case before Collie Court on Monday (17 July), an 18-year-old Moora man was issued with a fine, penalty and court costs totaling $1288.

The court heard that the man had fished at Harvey Dam and was stopped by Fisheries officers as he left the area at 9.30am on Sunday 22 January and was found to be in possession of a total of 19 marron, which is almost four times the daily bag limit for that location.

Fisheries Compliance Manager Richard Petty said the take home message from this case was that bag limits are set for a reason and this was a significant breach of those rules.

“Both of these cases indicate that fisheries officers are on the job both before, during and after the marron fishing season, to ensure compliance with the rules that apply,” he said.

“They are a strong reminder that Fisheries patrols of this important fishery are conducted all year round and not just within the marron fishing season.”

You can find WA’s recreational fishing rules online at

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