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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries
Friday 28 April 2017

Fisheries officers close illegal fishing camp

​Fisheries officers have thanked local fishers for their vigilance in tackling illegal fishing activities after receiving a call, which led to the identification and closure of an illegal fishing camp near Carnarvon.

After receiving a complaint from a member of the public, Fisheries and Marine Officers conducted a boat patrol along Miaboolya Creek where they uncovered a camp that was concealed within mangroves.

The makeshift camp was well established with a raised floor, upright posts and a corrugated iron roof. Inside, the Fisheries officers found a gas cooker and barbeque along with an assortment of cooking sauces, condiments and utensils.

Senior Fisheries officer Scott O’Loughlin inspects the illegal camp

A large area of mangroves had been cleared to make way for the camp.

A search of the area revealed a large quantity of cooked mud crab shells, many of which appeared to be undersize, as well as a concealed cache of illegal haul nets and fish traps, all of which were seized by Fisheries officers

A joint patrol was conducted with a Carnarvon Shire Ranger and the illegal camp was dismantled, with all building materials and a significant amount of rubbish taken to the Carnarvon rubbish tip.

Supervising Fisheries and Marine Officer, Matthew Kuhn said the operation reflected the role the broader community can play in protecting fishing resources for the future.

“If left unchecked, these types of operations can have a dramatic impact on fish or crab stocks in the area, so we are very appreciative when the public step up with us to help stop those fishers who chose to disregard the rules,” Mr Kuhn said.

Anyone who has information on suspected illegal fishing activities is asked to call FishWatch on 1800 815 507.

Mr Kuhn said the illegal camp was located inside the Miaboolya Beach Fish Habitat Protection Area (FHPA).

“The area has been protected, because it has exceptional ecological and community significance and requires special management to ensure its long-term sustainability,” he said.

Special rules regarding fishing and other activities apply in most FHPAs and details for the Miaboolya Beach FHPA are included in a special booklet; available on the department's website at, or from the Department of Fisheries office in Carnarvon.

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